Magda always has a strong awareness of the children's learning and development needs, she seems to be able  to meet them while making it fun and exciting. She is constantly  striving to find new and different ways to keep the children engaged in learning and having while they do it.  Magda organises events that the whole family can enjoy throughout the year. She regularly meets with other family daycares encouraging a good sense of community spirit. Magda takes a great  pride in her work and seems to stay on top of what's going on in the world of education. She always has a new game or activity up her sleeves and the children love trialling there out with her and it's  clear that Magda has just as much fun!
Magda displays a genuine love and energy towards her work and all famillies  that are part of it. The children love her and we love knowing, they are in such great hands.

Abbie Parry


Chiquitos Family Daycare deliver a family , loving and caring environment. Magda spends quality time with each child as a samll group. I love the updates with newsletters and reflections inviting to participate and contribute  with open communication. Magda engages with the community through da trips to the beach, park. The community opens the children minds and interest in education in different ways.  Magda always have new things for each child to create and explore. Magda keeps children thinking " what are we going to do at Magda's today.

Selissa Russell


Chiquitos Family Daycare deliver educational and fun activities  all the time such as yoga,dancing, excursions.  I feel engaged through daily reflections, monthly newsletter, photos . I personally believe, the excursions are great as it gets the children out of the normal routine. 

Dani Smith


Magda offers a wide range of activities that engage fine and gross motor skills, also host a variety of activities that involve and allow families to participate.  I personal like her unique approach in educational practice through daily reflections update.  I love Magda's personal touch and on on one care The range of different carft, activities , excursions keep our child happy and interest.

Kaye Dallas


Chiquitos Family Daycare deliver interesting activities with lots of varieties, exciting and interesting excursions & incursions. Magda also interacts with others Family Daycares. Chiquitos Fdc engages in community events such as Naidoc week and grandparents day, the unique approaches in educational practice  through emails , daily reports and social media is fantastic

Liz Smolski


Magda provides a personalised care with activities that encourage interest of the children learning through playsuch as gardening, singing, reading, arts & crafts, cooking , incursions and excursions.   The constant activities  help Magda  to teahc the children about the community  and different activities such as Dharawat workshop, NAIDOC week, NRW  wwek, space week, ANZAC Day, Easter Time and St Paths Day. . The daily updates on the children's activities  and how they contribute towards the Early Years Learning Framework Curriculum.

Nikki McNab


Magda thinks a lot about each child's physical, social and emotional development and tailors the program and activities  to help each child grow and develop their abilities. Each child is an important part of the Chiquitos little family. We really like the way Magda looks out for the community events and take the children along to participate. Magda asks families for heir input into activities and is really happy to incorporate  family interests into the day.  You do a great job Magda!

Ruth Grimaldi


Magda is very passionate and enthusiastic  about her daycare center. Every effort  is made to ensure each day is different and the children always have meaningful and educational ways to play and explore the world. Chiquitos organises lots of extra activities where the family are invited to attend  and participates in community events. The kids always have fun activities and excursions to look forward to. Magda always communicates very effective  with the families, like the weekly reflections that is emailed detailing what my daughter got up to at daycare, we communicate by sms which is very convinient. I couldn't be happier with the quality of care that Magda has given my daughter  at Chiquitos fdc. Magda is friendly & warm, engaging  and very proactve with all she undertakes.

Andrea Brennan


 Chiquitos family daycare provides exceptional  child -care services in a loving and caring environmnet and by giving each child speacilised attention  and support. Magda is awlays finding new and exciting  ways to educate the children while exploring news places on excursion  and collaborating with others local services  to bring the best  to the children.  Chiquitos stands up from othesr daycare  for its beautiful and unique handcrafted, portfolios are delivered  to parents  each  year giving us the opportunity to sit with our children, read and discuss what they have been doing , learning and exploring.  magda is always looking for ways to go above  and beyond  for our kids. For these and many more  reason I highly recommend Magda's daycare

Mia Johnson


Chiquitos Family Daycare Being small, it takes the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each child and tailor the day to accommodate development in those areas. Each child is treated as a unique individual and we have been lucky that both our girls have developed a special bond with Magda. I am very proud of my children and their development and behaviour. The time they spend in childcare has a significant impact on how they behave at home and around others. I believe that due to you providing  such a caring and nurturing environment, the outcome is all round  quality in their behaviour, social and intellectual skills. 
Magda engages In abundance with the community! she always invite families and extended families to participate in activities. The children are always socialising with other daycare children. There are a lot of extra curricular activities such as yoga, visits to the fire station, cultural excursions. 
 We have never had any complaints and no reason for us to change daycare. 

Vikki Gover


Chiquitos Family daycare deliver quality outcomes through the variety of play equipment and toys. Engaging children in their special interest ad allowing children to drive idea ad learning on a nurturing and caring environment. Chiquitos family  daycare engages families and community  through community events , talking about current topics, ideas, occasions and getting  the children out into the community such as library visits, Santa & post office, movies, indigenous events etc. Chiquitos stands out for regular outigs, excursions and organising visitors to the service. I feel is pretty unique to family daycare.

Natasha Longin


I feel like Chiquitos family Daycare is the only way for baby/toddlers 0-3 years. The interactions with Magda are amazing due to the small number of children (4). My son and Magda have an amazing bond and he loves her as family. The daily reflections I received by emails give me as insight of what my son is like when I’m not around and I love it.

Also things I love seeing my son doing things that I don’t have to time to do ( but I wish I did) with son- like painting, cooking etc.

Magda has the most patience I have ever seen and all the children adore her! Nothing is ever a problem to her

Alana Wayne


I highly recommend Chiquitos Family Daycare. Magda considers observations to plan for future activities, many excursions opportunities for physical, cognitive and social development. Magda incorporates children’s interest into activities to meet outcomes.

Daily emails with reflections, observations, toy drive at Christmas, visits to the library, excursion to supermarkets , shopping centres.

Thank you Magda for providing a caring , safe and happy environment  for Finley. She has genuinely  has loved being in your care and we have always felt confident  that she would be well looked after while enriching her with many learning opportunities .

Kim Glossop


The physically, socially, intellectually and emotional Chiquitos Family Daycare have met quality outcomes for my girl such as playing equipment, outdoor adventures, fine motor skills-painting / drawing and painting. Chiquitos Family Daycare regularly interacts with community events, such as library days, yoga teaching visit to Santa, movies visiting other family daycare etc. I couldn’t think of anyone else to love, care, nurture and support my girl during these important developmental milestone as Magda has done for my two other boys at Chiquitos Family Daycare. We’ll miss you Magda

Megan Dinuccio