Learning Environment


Our educational program is reflective of emergent curriculum and adhere to guidelines set by ACECQANational Quality Framework and The Early Years Learning Framework, taking the child’s developmental level into account. 

Our early learning context supports scaffolding children’s learning and development through quality interactions with peers, parents and carers in the overall attempt to pave the way for an exploratory understanding of themselves, the world around them and their place in it.

Our  program is completed and implemented daily, and sizable portion of it is occupied by planned implications observed in individual children; however, there is also substantial opportunity for the children to participate in spontaneous independent experiences as part of play based learning.

Experiences at the service afford children the opportunity to develop a plethora of skills in exploration, self-discovery, social interactions and problem solving among others, in the overall attempt to set the children up for success.

We work with the 5 top tips for the first 5 years:

  1. Looking and listening

  2. Talking

  3. Singing and Rhyming

  4. Reading

  5. Drawing and writing

Every day, there is a range of activities that will help the children's eye-hand coordination, fine-gross motor skills, attention span, social interaction, and self esteem. Our programs are based on the development of relationships, using a wide range of methods, values, structure and experiences, all while still having a friendly, fun and safe environment

Children are given the time to explore their imagination, theories and ideas through a wide range of mind opening experiences. Our methods provide plenty of opportunities for the children to immerse themselves in their own development through music, dance routines, visual aids, language, literacy, numeracy, healthy food habits, nutrition and safety, in an environment where a range of resources are readily available for the children to explore.

Parents are kept up-to-date of  their child’s learning and development through regular discussions and upon individual approval via e-mail updates including photos which portray in detail our daily activities.

Chiquitos FDC has also been nominated and received many distinct daycare and business awards:

  • Region's best educator of the year - 2014 & 2015 Family Daycare Australia National Educator and Service Awards, Excellence in Family Daycare Awards

  • Finalist in the 2019 Sutherland Shire Business Award in the Early Child hood education

  • Nominated In the 2019 Excellence in Family Daycare Awards


2014 Family Daycare Australia National educator and Service awards. Excellence in Family Daycare

2015 Region’s best Educators of the year Family Daycare Australia

2019 Finalist in The Sutherland Business Award in the Early Childhood Education Service

2019  Nominated Excellence  Family Daycare Awards

Daily Routine


8:00 am



Group time, greeting and story time


Play school


Afternoon tea 

5:30 pm



Children Arrive


Morning Tea


Lunch time, changing nappies


Pack away beds and changing nappies

9:00 -9:30

Free Play


 Structured play, art craft, music, and movement


 Rest time


Quiet play and pack up; discussion with families

  • Big indoor blocks

  • Soft toys / rattles

  • Small balls

  • Push / Pull toys

  • Construction toys

  • Musical Instruments

  • Trucks / Cars

  • Puzzles

  • Large ball

  • Spades / Buckets

  • Sandpit

  • Toys with wheels

  • Small / Medium climbing equipment

  • The yard is enclosed within an Australian standard fence ensure the safety of all children.

  • Paint / Brushes

  • Play-dough

  • Collages

  • Printing

  • Crayons / Textas / Pencils

  • Variety of paper

Craft Resources
  • Individual beds meeting all stringent family day care requirements are provided for nap time. 

  • Dolls

  • Kids books

  • Tables / Chairs

  • CD's / Tapes

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